Tech Valley Industrial Park

Tech Valley Industrial Park has spaces as small as 2,500 SF and as large as 20,000 SF, drive in access, dock height access, public sewer and water, warehouse ceiling heights 24 feet, stable tax base, substantial local population for employment resources, diversity of co-tenants, ability to relocate within the park as your business grows.
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About The Howard Group:


The Howard Group Management Co., Inc. has an impeccable record of having achieved the goals and directives of ownership through innovative practices that have become industry standards. Our focus on finding complimentary methods to integrate the fiscal and physical aspects of operating real property for others, within the parameters established by the owners, is unequaled.


This facet of the management function is one which we pride ourselves on. We know and understand that the owners want to know what is happening with their money and what they can expect in terms of delivery of service. We welcome the opportunity to have you tell us how we are doing and how we can make the professional management experience work better for you, the owners. Our 360 degree concept has its foundation in the idea of UNDER PROMISE AND THEN OVER DELIVER. We will always be looking for ways to conserve the assets, but still provide that which the ownership has established as the standard, and then to improve on it without any additional cost.


Fiscal integrity is always on everyone’s mind when someone else is handling the money, in charge of making decisions, and deciding what is best for the common good. Our history of having worked for lenders, attorneys, both state and federal courts, enforcement agencies (FBI and DEA), (FDIC and RTC), and real estate professionals demonstrates a level of trustworthiness our company is proud to expound. The Howard Group Management Co., Inc. is also able to obtain any necessary bonding, should the client require it.


The Howard Group Management Co., Inc. has current assignments that we have maintained for more than 20 years, and these are strict third party relationships with sophisticated owners who fully understand and expect a level of service that meets or exceeds industry standards. Specifically, high maintenance commercial property (retail, industrial and office). These are the types of assignments that require a high level of hands on involvement regarding day to day operations. From 24/7 grocery and shopping center operations to 24/7 medical office facilities, we have been able to deliver the expected outcome for more than 25 years.

Continuity and longevity become important considerations when choosing a management company. Our firm has never lost a management assignment that has been transferred to a competitor’s firm. We value the concept of continuation, and knowledge about a property, and we appreciate the relationships we build with our client base over time.